How To Wear White

How to wear white

White is the standard for many things – walls, wedding dresses, icing etc., but when it comes to white casual clothing there are some perceived challenges. White is such an airy, simplistic color. Whether it’s a white manicure, shoes, or hair for that matter it can make you look very contemporary and modern. Unlike its opposite, black, white if often passed up for other tones because of its perceived difficult wear ability. We are here to dismiss the myth, you can wear all white, all the time like actor Lisa Raye or incorporate it into your wardrobe subtly like many fashionistas across the blogosphere. We personally are of a fan of white being worn year round, depending on your age you may still consider this a fashion faux paus. To those of you who give the middle finger to fashion rules we are going to give you a few mistake proof tips on how to incorporate white into your wardrobe.

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