5 Stylish Winter Must Haves

5 Winter Must Haves

Now that the holiday parties are all said and done, that’s no reason to believe our best winter looks are behind us. There are fashionable days ahead with these 5 winter must haves to ensure that you are looking your best until spring.

The holiday parties are all done, but more stylish days lay ahead with these winter must haves. Click To Tweet

Burgundy – If you don’t know it by now, you need this hue. Although the name has gone from traditional burgundy to oxblood to merlot to whatever is coming next, it’s worth it to invest in a few pieces. One of the benefits of a rich tone like burgundy is it can make an inexpensive dress look very luxe.
Shimmer – Shimmer and shine aren’t only reserved just for special occasions. Bring the glam into the New Year with a gold metallic cocktail dress or a casual black shimmer dress that’s sure to start a conversation. Wear your shimmer looks with knits and neutrals during the off season to extend the life of those party dresses.
Monochromatic – Monochromatic doesn’t have to be boring. Step your color game up, or lack thereof with structured pieces that complement one another.
Velvet – Velvet was once only available around the holidays and expensive as all hell. The fashion gods have blessed us and velvet dresses, blazers and skirts are making their debut with a vengeance in never before seen colors and hues. Don’t sleep on this trend, I have a feeling once it’s gone, it’s gone, and if you play your cards right you’ll be the lucky lady with a few must-have pieces in her closet.
Knits – Knits are always in style, but statement knits are all the rage. Instead of opting for the status quo knit sweater, reach for a relaxed fit cold shoulder one instead, soft Angora mid-calf knit midi dress or oversized turtleneck sweater dress to switch it up a little.
These four looks are classy and timeless, how many of these do you have in your winter wardrobe? Let us know your favorites below.

Make A Big Statement with Minimalistic Layering Necklaces

marble and gold necklace

Jewelry can make or break a look. Too much can seem over done, not enough can leave a look wanting. Either way, much like make-up less is more with very few exceptions. Specifically, the necklace has been getting attention on the fashion scene. Layering necklaces have emerged as the new “thing”. Although this trend may seem new, dainty necklaces have always been on trend. Many times hidden under blouses, they hold sentimental value for lots and are eye catching when they see the light of day. Personally, I believe layering necklaces make great gifts and look awesome on solid backgrounds or color blocking where they won’t be lost.

Layering necklaces make great gifts and look awesome on solid backgrounds or color blocking… Click To Tweet

Do you have a layering necklace passed down from a sister or mother? Perhaps there is a sentimental charm attached such as a cross or key? Comment below.


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The Off The Shoulder Trend Is Off The Chain

off the shoulder

Now I must admit I am a sucker for any kind of upper torso action in fashion, but I especially live for shoulder details; shoulder pads, structured shoulders, or a capped sleeve to enhance the shoulder, I love it all. Amazingly,  this summers biggest trend bares it all, the off the shoulder detail! So, needless to say I am in social media heaven. I have searched through Instagram and Twitter feeds, and yes even Pinterest to find beautiful looks that make me have to sit on my hands to avoid the “must buy” itch! Why you ask? because I’m addicted!

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Bloggers and everyday Fashionistas alike have rocked the trend and no two  shoulder looks are alike. As one would imagine, what you could do with an off the shoulder look seems limited, but not so in 2016. We have seen some of the most innovative off the shoulder dresses, tops, and even some looks that have incorporated a mean sleeve. Many of the outfit of the day styles have been  supremely minimalistic and it seems to be the perfect combination of style and smarts.

Here are some of our favorites below:

off the shoulder

Off The Shoulder Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder


Have you tried the off the shoulder trend? Tag us in you look on Instagram @ShopUnitedFront



The Must Have Accessory | Rose Gold Sunglasses 

Sunnies, blockers, stunner shades whatever you call them, they are a necessary summer accessory. Of course ultimately we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays, but admit it, looking cool is an added bonus.

Now, this season’s hottest trend is a combination of two of our favs, the beautiful feminine hue rose gold and summers hottest accessory metallic reflective lenses. When it comes to the metallic pink color, rose gold jewelry is usually the first thing we think of. As of late, we’ve seen a lot of ladies rocking rose gold watches all over the street style scene and rose gold engagement rings are emerging as the most fashionable way to begin a lifelong union.

Whether you are rocking designer brands like Ray ban or some of the most popular styles such as aviator or Wayfarer rocking them in the hottest tent rose gold is on trend and where it’s at.



Pantone | Spring Colors | 2016

In many places winter still remains in full affect, but our hearts are in the future with spring. Pantone released it’s colors of the year for the spring 2016 season and they’re everything we could’ve hoped for and more. Rose Quartz and Serenity which I would call a beautiful pastel pink and baby blue, puts me in the mood for cotton candy. Pantone really surprised me, and gave us a little bonus this year, if you are not a “pink” person you have an awesome alternative color and are still able to stay on trend.

If you are not aware, Pantone creates the colors used for everything from web design to manufacturing. Each color is assigned a specific number and is one of a kind. Ever wonder how designers know what the “it” color will be for the season? Or how during Fashion Week you may see common color themes? Well, fashion houses are given the details well in advance to create coordinating designs and the color is released to the masses just in time for the upcoming season. The release of hues through pantone each season is how you will find the perfect stiletto heels to match a dress you bought perfectly from two different designers. Or even how you will find dupes for hard to find lipsticks colors as in vamp or oxblood for last winter’s color release.

These colors make us happy! They are break from the high contrast colors released we’ve seen from seasons past and are extra “girl”, which we love. What do you think of them? What’s your fav?

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