Extend the Life of Your White Dresses After Labor Day

white dresses labor day

WHOA! Slow down there missy! We know its summer and you are rearranging your closet for Fall yada yada yada. Those dresses, yeah those right there, the white ones,… you can wear those a little bit longer. The whole saying of no white after Labor Day has our style confidence fried. First and foremost I am of the belief you can wear anything you want, when you want to, it all depends on how you wear it.

I get it, you may not be the all-white contemporary kind of girl, and you don’t have to be her to get the most out of those dresses that may have more white in them than you like to wear during cooler temperatures.

There are two ways extend the life of your favorites casual dresses and be stylish and on trend:

Add Neutrals: Neutral colors just balance everything out don’t they? Same goes for your white clothing. Grays, nudes, taupe’s, tans’ and browns will all give that Fall feeling to your attire. The warm but not “summery” hues will make those frocks transition nicely into Fall and lend itself to the changing colors around you. Try re-creating the look above with our Navy and White Sheath Dress.

Add A Pop of color: Jewel tones, the exact opposite of neutrals will make a bold statement. It’s the same high contrast effect that you create with black and whites just with more vividness. I am a BIG fan of color, pairing your favorite A-line dress with deep bold accents will steal the show. Yellow and white and green are the perfect trio, recreate this look with our  Yellow and white Dot Hem Line Dress.

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A smart fashionista knows that versatility is a must when it comes to her wardrobe. It’s not about how much you have, it’s about what can you do with it.


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