Girl Power | #DemsInPhilly | Hillary Clinton | The Blue Dress

We stood in awe at the magnificent girl power shown at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night.

Last nights stage had some of the nations most poised, educated and highest ranking female politicians and citizens coming out to rally their support for Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential nominee.

There were some great speeches by fellas last night, but the ladies stole the show. For us it started with Maya Angelou’s spirit being evoked by Senator Corey Booker reminding us that we are resilient, resourceful, resolute and still we rise.

Next was the graceful and no holds bars First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama in a chic blue dress demonstrating that we can wear high fashion and be high-minded, that when they go low, we go high, that at all cost we maintain our integrity, and that our haters can stay blessed while we stay unbothered.

michele obama blue dress.jpg

When they go low, We go high” – FLOTUS Michele Obama

As if that wasn’t enough, First term senator and resident bad ass Elizabeth Warren reminded us that in the words of Crime Mob “if you run up, you shall get done”, that if you try to divide us we will squash you like a bug Trump eh’ um excuse us… chump. Warren’s refreshing audacious style was a highlight of the convention and much expected.

Lastly the Woman of the hour Hillary Clinton exuding confidence, showed us that as women we make the rules, that glass ceilings are meant to be stood on, that we can be lady like while simultaneously utterly fearless, and no matter the level of misogyny you shall not block our shine (insert nail polish emoji).

Last nights speeches had us singing Independent by Destiny’s Child and wearing our spice girls T-shirts to bed. With that being said we’re with Hillary!