The Ultimate Skirt Guide

I’m guessing we’d all love to have a limitless wardrobe, but since that is at the very least a very farfetched pipe dream for most of us we gotta to do what we gotta do. No matter how limitless our fashion sense is, our coins certainly have boundaries, therefore we have to be creative when it comes to creating memorable fashion looks with our skirts. One way to do that is with unpredictable pieces and off the beaten path shapes and lines. But, how can I do that if don’t know what they are you ask? We’ve heard you loud and clear and have the simplest tool you could ask for!

One thing that is often taken for granted it the silhouette of our skirts. The shape of our garments are top of mind when it comes to creating contemporary dress looks, but for many of us our mental rolodex of skirt categories is limited to a midi skirts, miniskirts, maxi skirts, and oh denim skirts hold a category all their own.

To keep it simple here is a chart to help you out. I mean you have to give it to charts, we’ve learned all of our fundamentals from charts, ABC’s, 123’s, hell we even get our vision checked by an eye chart; why not use this simple tool to create the ultimate foundation for skirt style knowledge base.

Skirt Style Guide

The Ultimate Skirt Guide

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Products Purpose: GoodWork(s) & Toms

Giving back can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle by simply substituting items you typically buy for ones that help those in need.  I really enjoy purchasing accessories that give back because I generally wear them often and each time I do, I am reminded to be grateful. Today I am rocking my Good Works and Toms clothing and accessories today.

GoodWork(s) is an accessory brand that incorporates positive messaging and giving back into their products. They have amazingly crafted necklaces and bracelets and 25% of the net proceeds is donated to charity which is awesome. I like to keep my accessories minimalist so the simple yet eye-catching wrap bracelets and dangle chain necklaces work perfectly into my wardrobe.

Purpose products don’t have to be expensive either. I picked up my Toms sweater at my local Target for the price of what I would have paid for any another pullover sweater. It’s simple with the usual knit style, yet has some eye-catching details with its two deep side slits and the Tom’s metal tag on the hemline.  It’s also super comfortable

Do you purchase products that do some good in the community? If so, tell us who we’d love to try out some of their products!


Floral Facts | Choose The Best Floral For Your Figure

Floral prints are like soul mates, there is one out there for everyone. At the same time floral prints are kind of like choosing the wrong pepper, it can ruin you for life and completely change your perception of a perfectly good vegetable.

I happen to love floral print dresses they are so feminine, look great in high contrast prints and allow you to rock awesome color combinations effortlessly. There are two simple rules for choosing the right floral pattern for you figure: size and balance.

First things first, size; for smaller frames choose a smaller floral print, for larger figures, choose a larger print with the ability to see more of the solid background. Choosing the appropriate flower size will prevent you from looking like a curtain and your silhouette being swallowed up.

Secondly, balance, only go with one print at a time, unless you are experienced with mixing prints. Although this can certainly be done, for a novice I would be sure to add a solid in the mix, as in a pair of tights, jacket, or a pair of slacks.

Does your closet hold a few floral frocks? If so, what’s your favorite and why?


Formal Affair | How to Choose the Appropriate Formal Attire

One formal dress doesn’t fit all when it comes to fabulous affairs. Knowing what to wear, when, can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being over or under dressed. For many events the attire is based on the formality of the event. We are going to break down the appropriate dress for many common formal events that require you to get a little dazzled up. When it comes to formality, leave nothing up top chance.

Cocktail – Evening networking events, or weddings

Shorter, usually knee length dresses. Reserve the sparkle for your accessories i.e a cocktail ring or necklace. The theme for the night would be fabulous and a little flirty.

Black Tie – Charity Gala

Floor length dresses are a must, here is the time to bring out your satin’s and stones, but be sleek and sensual. The theme for the night is formal and very elegant.

White Tie – Oscars

White tie events are the most formal of them all. Floor length gowns, sensual fabrics, sleek up-do’s and gloves are all acceptable. This is the time for you to bring out the bling. You will know it’s a white tie affair if you see gentlemen with white ties, hence the name, or the optional white vest, or tails. Theme for the night go all out, all bling everything.

How do you decide what to wear to a formal event? Do you ask around to see what everyone else is wearing, or do you have a “go to” dress? Lets discuss below.

Chocolate Wasted |​The Benefits of Chocolate

I love chocolate on so many levels, I mean who doesn’t? The velvety sweet taste is unforgettable, but today we are talking about the deep dark hue. Chocolate brown is rich and deep, but unlike black sometimes it isn’t our “go to” color. Brown is so easy to wear and tricky to pull off at the same time. Too much brown can come off as too muddy, wearing it with the wrong colors can be to retro, and the wrong color brown can be just blah. With that being said there are benefits to brown and we are going to tell you what they are.

Brown Lipstick – Brown lipstick can be so contemporary. Pair it with glowing moisturized skin, a beautiful matte eye, and a couple coats of mascara and it can bring real attention to your whole face, not just your lips.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color – This color is so right for Fall. On lighter skin the deep brunette color can be demure and alluring and on darker skin it can be vivacious and daring.

Brown Dresses – Brown, like black can be very slimming, don’t overlook this color this Fall. The right brown can complement your skin tone and a dark brown dress can hide your unflattering areas and be a great substitute for black.

Chocolate Cake – Ok, ok, this doesn’t really fit, but we would be re missed if we didn’t add it… I mean chocolate cake is brown right?  Like with anything, chocolate must be done in moderation this Fall or you’ll be cursing yourself it in the Spring. When you are stuffing your face throughout the holidays eating your heart out, don’t feel guilty. Just remind yourself that chocolate is known to reduce cholesterol, decrease memory loss and reduce heart disease so you are actually treating yourself and being healthy at the same time.

How often do you wear brown? Which shade do you wear? Start a conversation below, we’d love to chime in!