Top 3 Must Listen Fashion and Retail Podcasts to Download ASAP

fashion - podcast

Podcast are a fav of the UnitedFront crew. Here are a few that we believe every fashionista needs in her style toolkit.

fashion - podcast

Nasty Gal # GirlBoss Radio


On each episode of the podcast, Sophia interviews world-class Girlbosses who have made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures to extract solid advice from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.


fashion - Podcast

OH Boy -Man Repeller

Oh Boy is a series of cool interviews with fashion stars like Garance Dore to publicist Katie Sturino sure to peak your fashion interest.



The Glossy

Glossy is a weekly show, this podcast discusses key talking points around the fashion and luxury industry and how tech is impacting that, along with the key players in the tech/fashion crossover field.


Listen to podcast much? Share your daily inspiration below!

5 Ways to Style White Summer Dresses

Wearing white is ultra-modern, but just like a blank canvas can take a little bit of effort to create a masterpiece, but in the end it’s well worth it. We love that wearing white its super popular now and what we love even more is that it’s no longer reserved just for weddings, bridal showers, and white parties. White sundresses are contemporary and versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. Learn how to leave a lasting impression with your white summer style with a few easy tips.


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UnitedFront White Envelope Clutch

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Size Details On Your Favorite Apparel Brands

Size can be can sensitive issue for women, but knowledge is power. When it comes to vanity sizing with big box retailers such as H&M, and Forever 21 their sizing can get interesting. Imagine if each time you went to these retailers it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. There is a method to these brands madness when it comes to standard vanity sizing and their size chart. As a rule we know some designers run “big” or “small”, some are curvy girl friendly and some are a thin girl’s dead zone.

At UnitedFront we make it easy for you. Under the description page of each item we give you details on each and every product. For example if you choose a dress size 8, we provide you with all the details for you to make a purchase you won’t regret, including the fit, length, and how the sizes run. For those retailers that don’t wouldn’t it be great if you were equipped with intel on the cut and fit of each brand before you took a trip down to the store or checked out of your shopping cart?

Check out the list below of common women’s apparel brands and details on how their sizes run.’s Description Page


The Ultimate Skirt Guide

I’m guessing we’d all love to have a limitless wardrobe, but since that is at the very least a very farfetched pipe dream for most of us we gotta to do what we gotta do. No matter how limitless our fashion sense is, our coins certainly have boundaries, therefore we have to be creative when it comes to creating memorable fashion looks with our skirts. One way to do that is with unpredictable pieces and off the beaten path shapes and lines. But, how can I do that if don’t know what they are you ask? We’ve heard you loud and clear and have the simplest tool you could ask for!

One thing that is often taken for granted it the silhouette of our skirts. The shape of our garments are top of mind when it comes to creating contemporary dress looks, but for many of us our mental rolodex of skirt categories is limited to a midi skirts, miniskirts, maxi skirts, and oh denim skirts hold a category all their own.

To keep it simple here is a chart to help you out. I mean you have to give it to charts, we’ve learned all of our fundamentals from charts, ABC’s, 123’s, hell we even get our vision checked by an eye chart; why not use this simple tool to create the ultimate foundation for skirt style knowledge base.

Skirt Style Guide

The Ultimate Skirt Guide

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3 Habits of Remarkably Focused People.

These tips can give you an edge over the competition.

Being Focused Can Effect Your Future.


Products Purpose: GoodWork(s) & Toms

Giving back can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle by simply substituting items you typically buy for ones that help those in need.  I really enjoy purchasing accessories that give back because I generally wear them often and each time I do, I am reminded to be grateful. Today I am rocking my Good Works and Toms clothing and accessories today.

GoodWork(s) is an accessory brand that incorporates positive messaging and giving back into their products. They have amazingly crafted necklaces and bracelets and 25% of the net proceeds is donated to charity which is awesome. I like to keep my accessories minimalist so the simple yet eye-catching wrap bracelets and dangle chain necklaces work perfectly into my wardrobe.

Purpose products don’t have to be expensive either. I picked up my Toms sweater at my local Target for the price of what I would have paid for any another pullover sweater. It’s simple with the usual knit style, yet has some eye-catching details with its two deep side slits and the Tom’s metal tag on the hemline.  It’s also super comfortable

Do you purchase products that do some good in the community? If so, tell us who we’d love to try out some of their products!