3 Tips On How To Get A Jump Start On Your 2017 Goals

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Resolution Reset | New Years Resolution Check In

Ok so it’s officially 60 + days into 2016, and we want to know what them New Year resolutions be like? Uh umm… What we meant to say was, where you are with your new year’s resolution goals? Have you forgotten all about them, decided you didn’t want the change that badly, or are you still hacking away?
Well if you are in the first or second group what’s the deal? Most people are so excited about the actual act of creating a New Year’s resolution that when they begin actually attempting to make the change they set out to their efforts are lack luster. Well if you need a boost to get your resolutions in gear, here are three ways to get your goals back on track.

Schedule Time – The benefit of scheduling a time to commit to you resolution is that you receive a prompt keeping it top of mind. This is one if the easiest ways to remember and because our calendars are on most mobile devices you can make time to keep your goals on the go.

Accountability Partner – Don’t do it alone. Find someone with a similar goal and hold each other accountable. Doing most things with a partner makes the task easier and New Year’s resolutions are no different.

Create a Facebook Group – It takes a village. Create a private group on Facebook and post your journey along with others. Hearing each other’s opportunities and successes is sure to keep you motivated.

Attaching an action to a goal like, writing tick marks for the number of glasses of water you drink per day, wearing a fit bit for weight loss, or creating a budget to save money encourages us to complete the responsibilities we set out to do. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so start today and you only have 20 days to go of consistency to change your life.


Where are you with your goals? Did you even make any? Let us know below and we will share what ours were.