How To Be A Girlboss In 4 Steps

I believe that we can all agree the term Girlboss has evolved beyond its initial humble hashtag beginnings.  Originally coined by the Founder of the rebel boutique Nasty Gal  Sophia Amoruso, the definition of the popular term means different things to different people; to some it means entrepreneurship, to others it means being independent. Regardless of how you define it, one thing we can all agree on is that a Girl boss has her “ish” together. Here are four resources to incorporate into your daily routine that can propel you on your Girlboss journey.

Strike a Pose, a Power Pose That Is

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy by far has the most watched Ted Talk of all time. It is undeniably the most inspirational video I’ve seen. In it, Amy discusses how body language goes much deeper than influencing how others perceive us-It can change the way we see ourselves. Understanding that you are in control and that you have power is the first step to becoming a true Boss.

Discipline is Key

Curlbox founder and CEO Myleik Teele takes discipline and time management seriously. Through her podcasts she gives us little nuggets of knowledge on how to get things done. A Girlboss has discipline and focus, not there yet? That’s ok, Myleik will get you there one podcast at a time.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Serious

Writer and Author Luvvie is one hilariously funny, and super smart cookie. Through her blog Awesomely Luvvie she gives her wacky opinion with a lighthearted, razor sharp wit and a unique perspective on a multitude of issues including pop culture, politics, and fashion. Being a Girlboss means knowing that you are a big deal, but also knowing you are not the only deal in town.

Get Those Coins Together

Financial educator and money coach Bola Onada Sokunbi’s Instagram is LIT as folks say nowadays. All the other tips will help make you a Girlboss, but taking charge of your finances will keep you at Girl boss status. Bola will keep you on point and with her daily financial tips.

What’s your definition of a Girlboss? Tell us below.