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Ok, you have a rack that most women would die for, but with that comes it’s challenges.

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Shape Wear | Back To The Basics

Foundation Wear

One size does not fit all when it comes to foundation wear. Each serves a specific purpose and can benefit some dress styles and body categories better than others. Here are four of our favorite shape wear pieces and how they are best used.

High Waist Brief | Now What’s that for Again – Slims and smooth’s tummy area. Slimming starts just below the bra line and is middle minimizing – This brief is the perfect foundation for a shift dress. Since a shift dress isn’t form fitting, there is no need for a longer length brief and the high waist allows for slimming the tummy and not inhibiting the shape of the garment.

Mid-thigh | Long Leg Brief – Firms and smooth’s the thighs and rear. A mid-thigh long leg brief is sheath dress approved! This brief will create a seamless silhouette without those despicable panty lines

Open Bust Shaper – Allows you to wear any neckline, or bra, gives support for fuller bust lines and tames the tummy area. This is perfect for halter dresses or dresses with a plunging neck line that require a spanx and a support bra.

Waist Cincher – Takes in and firms the waist. A waist cincher is perfect for giving a little more oomph to the hour glass figure in a wrap dress, or smoothing the tummy in an empire waist dress.

Honestly, it would behoove you to invest in two more of these under garments. Depending on the style of clothing you wear the wrong foundation wear can create unwanted bulge’s, panty lines, or become visible through your clothing, and nobody wants that.


I love a good tight fitting dress as much as the next girl. Sheath dress, bodycon dress, or wiggle dress, whatever you call them we all need at least one in our wardrobe. Dresses that form to our figures make us feel sexy, attract the boys, and show off every curve. We are going to expose three fitted dress offenses worthy of arrest and tips on how to avoid them.

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Muffin Top – Lack of foundation wear leads to this. Do not leave home without it! You can be a size zero it doesn’t matter, when it comes to wearing a tight fitting dress you need a seamless foundation. A high wasted spanks or full body slip is ideal for wearing dresses that hug, because they don’t leave a gap between your bra and underwear, preventing muffin top.

Panty Lines – Seamless underwear are a must, if you are going to wear any at all under your dress. Panty lines can be spotted a mile away; they tacky and become distractions to the most in depth debate and trust me, you do not want to be the topic of that conversation!.

Spillage – Yes the Spillage. The type of bra that you wear with a sheath dress is often overlooked. Full coverage bras or even a T-Shirt bra are required unless your dress has a deep V neckline or calls for a specialty bra. Full Coverage bras prevent that exposed breast area that is created when wearing a demi or low cut bra.

Tweet This: A Seamless Silhouette is the goal when it comes to wearing fitted dresses. You want to look smooth and well put together.

Follow our tips and don’t get busted.

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