Barbie Gets Diversified

Barbie, like everything else must evolve, and we must say this girl has gotten with the times.

Get In Where you Fit In | Body Categories

body categories, self image, body positivity

body categories, self image, body positivity

I know what you’re thinking, what’s with all this body category jive that everyone is talking about? The body positivity movement and refocusing on body categories has been all over the internet and beyond; but what does it really mean? Much like the system for categorizing your hair texture for naturals, the body category system is here to educate and make our lives easier.

Here’s why it’s important to know what category you fit in, it makes what us girls love to do a whole lot easier! SHOPPING.

This is one of the few times feeding into the hype is in order. Here are three practical reasons you can appreciate knowing your body category:

1. It eliminates the time you spend in the dressing room: You alleviate the guess work and there is no need to try everything on. This literally saves time oh a girl’s life doesn’t it? You know what style is going to flatter your body most, and until your shape changes you roll with it.

2. It allows for optimum fit: We all know that we let sizing get the best of us some times, but as we have learned fit is what matters most important. When you understand the characteristics of certain body shapes you don’t get hung up on sizing. For example, with the triangle body category you have a larger bust and smaller lower half; you won’t care that you can’t fit a size 8 like you use to. You are ok with grabbing a halter dress in a larger size because you understand that although you are an 8 on the bottom you are more like a 10/12 on top and you need to allow room for that.

3. You automatically know what works for your body with no guess work. You are no longer trying to fit in to a sheath dress and loathing yourself after you hate the way it looks. Realizing you fit into the apple body category will make you opt for an empire waist dress instead of a body con dress and increase your style confidence by the minute.

As women we are all different shapes, figures, and sizes. Body categorizing is not eclusive to “plus size” women, we all fit into one. Nothing about us fits into the cookie cutout mold and body categorizing is no different. Find what category fits you best and shop accordingly. No need to go searching for each category, Take a look at our fit guide and learn where you fit in.