Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

Summer Moisture Routine Hacks
Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

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3 Tips On How To Get A Jump Start On Your 2017 Goals

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How To Be A Girlboss In 4 Steps

I believe that we can all agree the term Girlboss has evolved beyond its initial humble hashtag beginnings.  Originally coined by the Founder of the rebel boutique Nasty Gal  Sophia Amoruso, the definition of the popular term means different things to different people; to some it means entrepreneurship, to others it means being independent. Regardless of how you define it, one thing we can all agree on is that a Girl boss has her “ish” together. Here are four resources to incorporate into your daily routine that can propel you on your Girlboss journey.

Strike a Pose, a Power Pose That Is

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy by far has the most watched Ted Talk of all time. It is undeniably the most inspirational video I’ve seen. In it, Amy discusses how body language goes much deeper than influencing how others perceive us-It can change the way we see ourselves. Understanding that you are in control and that you have power is the first step to becoming a true Boss.

Discipline is Key

Curlbox founder and CEO Myleik Teele takes discipline and time management seriously. Through her podcasts she gives us little nuggets of knowledge on how to get things done. A Girlboss has discipline and focus, not there yet? That’s ok, Myleik will get you there one podcast at a time.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Serious

Writer and Author Luvvie is one hilariously funny, and super smart cookie. Through her blog Awesomely Luvvie she gives her wacky opinion with a lighthearted, razor sharp wit and a unique perspective on a multitude of issues including pop culture, politics, and fashion. Being a Girlboss means knowing that you are a big deal, but also knowing you are not the only deal in town.

Get Those Coins Together

Financial educator and money coach Bola Onada Sokunbi’s Instagram is LIT as folks say nowadays. All the other tips will help make you a Girlboss, but taking charge of your finances will keep you at Girl boss status. Bola will keep you on point and with her daily financial tips.

What’s your definition of a Girlboss? Tell us below.





Girl Power | #DemsInPhilly | Hillary Clinton | The Blue Dress

We stood in awe at the magnificent girl power shown at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night.

Last nights stage had some of the nations most poised, educated and highest ranking female politicians and citizens coming out to rally their support for Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential nominee.

There were some great speeches by fellas last night, but the ladies stole the show. For us it started with Maya Angelou’s spirit being evoked by Senator Corey Booker reminding us that we are resilient, resourceful, resolute and still we rise.

Next was the graceful and no holds bars First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama in a chic blue dress demonstrating that we can wear high fashion and be high-minded, that when they go low, we go high, that at all cost we maintain our integrity, and that our haters can stay blessed while we stay unbothered.

michele obama blue dress.jpg

When they go low, We go high” – FLOTUS Michele Obama

As if that wasn’t enough, First term senator and resident bad ass Elizabeth Warren reminded us that in the words of Crime Mob “if you run up, you shall get done”, that if you try to divide us we will squash you like a bug Trump eh’ um excuse us… chump. Warren’s refreshing audacious style was a highlight of the convention and much expected.

Lastly the Woman of the hour Hillary Clinton exuding confidence, showed us that as women we make the rules, that glass ceilings are meant to be stood on, that we can be lady like while simultaneously utterly fearless, and no matter the level of misogyny you shall not block our shine (insert nail polish emoji).

Last nights speeches had us singing Independent by Destiny’s Child and wearing our spice girls T-shirts to bed. With that being said we’re with Hillary!

Are You A Risk Taker Or A Rule Follower?

I have always been a natural born risk taker, it may have something to do with the way I was raised. My family always had the stance “What’s the worst that could happen”? And I live that mantra daily. Being a risk taker has its pros and cons, the pros are that I am always willing to bet on myself, always, the cons are that I have executed plans that could have been better thought out. I have also “failed” at things that if I had assessed the risk and not just been willing to take one, would have turned out better.

I was reading an article the other day that said women are natural rule followers and men are natural risk takers. This article went on to say that women applied for a promotion when they were 100% qualified and men when they are less than %60 qualified. Why is this? I had to ask myself, are we as women to careful?

Are you too careful? Do you need the stars to align perfectly before you execute? Do you put off creating your dream job until you have done every stitch of research possible before you make a move? Furthermore, do you pass up applying for positions at work because you may not have all of the qualifications?

Or, on the contrary, are you to brazen, Do you execute without the proper amount of forethought because you live, breath, and eat confidence? Do you circumvent processes because the “hustler” in you is always looking for a short cut? Are you always looking for the next come up, without the proper amount of effort?

I don’t recommend leaning too far to either ends of the spectrum, but to be truly successful, you need to have both. Risk and rules go hand in hand. You must be willing to take some risk, but it must be mitigated. You should also recognize the rules because someone attempted the task before you and realized there was a right and wrong way to go about things, and furthermore why reinvent the wheel? Too much rule following leads to groupthink, and risk overload leads to inevitable failure at some point.  Create some balance:

Slow down risk taker:

Put a time frame on a task and then execute – Take some time and weigh all of the possible options and outcomes.

Go against the grain rule follower:

Challenge the status quo – Just because someone said “this is how you do it”, doesn’t mean there isn’t more than one way to skin a cat.

Balance is key – There’s nothing wrong with being a rule follower or risk taker, but too much of either could stunt your growth or halt your success.

Are you a rule follower or a risk taker, let us know below.

3 Habits of Remarkably Focused People.

These tips can give you an edge over the competition.

Being Focused Can Effect Your Future.


Resolution Reset | New Years Resolution Check In

Ok so it’s officially 60 + days into 2016, and we want to know what them New Year resolutions be like? Uh umm… What we meant to say was, where you are with your new year’s resolution goals? Have you forgotten all about them, decided you didn’t want the change that badly, or are you still hacking away?
Well if you are in the first or second group what’s the deal? Most people are so excited about the actual act of creating a New Year’s resolution that when they begin actually attempting to make the change they set out to their efforts are lack luster. Well if you need a boost to get your resolutions in gear, here are three ways to get your goals back on track.

Schedule Time – The benefit of scheduling a time to commit to you resolution is that you receive a prompt keeping it top of mind. This is one if the easiest ways to remember and because our calendars are on most mobile devices you can make time to keep your goals on the go.

Accountability Partner – Don’t do it alone. Find someone with a similar goal and hold each other accountable. Doing most things with a partner makes the task easier and New Year’s resolutions are no different.

Create a Facebook Group – It takes a village. Create a private group on Facebook and post your journey along with others. Hearing each other’s opportunities and successes is sure to keep you motivated.

Attaching an action to a goal like, writing tick marks for the number of glasses of water you drink per day, wearing a fit bit for weight loss, or creating a budget to save money encourages us to complete the responsibilities we set out to do. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so start today and you only have 20 days to go of consistency to change your life.


Where are you with your goals? Did you even make any? Let us know below and we will share what ours were.