Does Your Personality Match Your Sunglasses?


The clothes we wear, how we style our hair, even the cars we drive all give an inkling of our personalities, and the sunglasses we choose is no exception. Some decide on that special pair based on functionally others on style, either way it’s a glimpse into who we are or want to be. Picking the perfect shades is not as easy as it seems, sunglasses do more than block the sun, they’re much like a calling card. To get the look just right face structure, size of the frame and tint all have to be taken into consideration. But some ladies just gravitate to certain frames naturally like a feline to catnip.

We’ve broken down four personality types by the style of sunglasses that we believe you’ll spot them in, let us know if we’ve gotten it right in the comments below.

Mirror Tint Sunglasses

Cool Kid – Good girls are good, but when they’re bad their even better. Access denied when it comes to what this cool kid’s thinking, mysterious mirror tint keeps your probing eyes at bay. Stealthy and rogue, catch this lady with her shades fixed firmly on her beautiful face whether indoors or out.

Festival PhenomOh what large frames you have… the better to block out the sun with my dear. The larger the frame the closer to God is this ladies mantra. Looking perpetually through rose color glasses, you can catch this girl at Coachella or Afro Punk setting up shop in her favorite frames making a statement for the world to see.

Bohemian Sunglasses

Bohemian Babe – Crystal clear shades in vivid colors is the way to go for this babe. She’s hip and earthy and 100% transparent. After this ladies done with a day of thrifting she sits down to read her favorite James Baldwin novel through her round framed sunnies, while sipping organic chai tea.

Rocker Roxy – Not afraid to bear arms or a little skin, Roxy is innovative, care free and on the cutting edge of fashion. She likes a mean mirror tint as much as the next girl, but because details matter to her she opts for a noiseless lens to set herself apart. When not on her face find her frames stylishly hanging from a leather bomber jacket or the front pocket of her distressed denim shirt.

Does your personality match your favorite pair of sunnies?


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