Righteous Mind Vol. III | Summer Time Edition


Righteous Mind Playlist Vol. III

Righteous Mind Playlist Vol. III

Since summer is quickly approaching and warmer weather has arrived, we’ve given you an electric playlist to reminisce about old memories to and possibly make some new ones.

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Music has a funny way of jogging the memory, each of the tunes below takes me back to care free days and fills me up with good vibes. I watched my sister celebrate entering adulthood and college while listening to It Takes Two on the boom box, wished I was in college while listening to Miami, got a taste of college on a my first college tour with Virtual Insanity, decided I had my heart set on a certain college in ATL with OutKast, and danced my heart out at a few college parties to Summer, Summer, Sum-mer Time, Summer Time.

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  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Summer Time (2002)
  2. Will Smith – Miami (1997)
  3. OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (1994)
  4. Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity(1996)
  5. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two(1988)


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