Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

Summer Moisture Routine Hacks

Most of us love the sun, but I can almost guarantee that we all hate sunburn, dehydrated skin, and that sticky feeling you get when your favorite moisturizer meets the rays of the summer sun and a sweat fest ensues. But what’s a girl to do? At first thought, it may seem like you only have a few alternatives for hydrating your skin during the summertime; glistening oils, balmy creams, or water right? Wrong.

Each of the above have their pros and cons; adding oil to your skin when it’s hot will give you a killer tan, but can also fry you like an egg. Forgoing moisturizer all together for the sake of feeling fresh will no doubt have you looking like your favorite Louis Vuitton bag by summers end. Lastly, slathering up with your favorite Jo Malone moisturizer will leave you smelling amazing, but feeling like a sticky mess in a sweet maxi dress.

To keep you supple and soft we’ve found three moisturizing techniques that you can use to avoid the stickiness and leave you comfortable all summer long.

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Oil based body scrubs – An oil based body scrub will do double duty. While sloshing away the dead skin cells, it will also coat your body with organic nutrients. Seal in the moisture with a hot shower and pat dry. Your skin will be soft, supple, and moisturized for hours to come.

Conditioner – Yes you heard us right, conditioner. Rub your favorite conditioner all over your body and let it sit for a few moments. This moisture hack will leave you ash-free and ready for some summer fun! A thick conditioner will work best, and for a little sheen add a bit off high lighter down the center of your leg for a summer glow.

Hydrating sunblock – Instead of opting for protection in a spray bottle such as Neutrogena, reach for a thicker sun screen. Sun block is fast absorbing and will leave you with a glowing, UV blocking moisture shield all day long.

Stay cute and comfy all summer long with these moisturizing alternatives, do you have your own summer skin hydrating hacks? If so share in the comments below.


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