Start A New Years Resolution Now That Involves Getting Fit But Not Losing Weight

Get Fitted for the New YearI’m sure your social media timelines are flooded with images of workout gear, the lifting of barbells and the newest squat involving furniture or a household appliance.  It’s time for a change, this year’s resolution won’t require sweat, tears or regret. This time around our goal is not only to get fit, but to get fitted. One of the reasons that we start to work out is because we want to look and feel better in our clothes. Well, we’re going to show you how to get results and look and feel good instantly.

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Step 1. Get Measured – Knowing is half the battle. Shopping for some women is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. So what’s your plan of attack? How do you make shopping more of an experience instead of an inconvenience? Get prepared, grab your weapons ladies, what are they you ask, your measuring tapes!  Learn how to take body measurements like a pro.

Step 2. Body Categories – So now that we know how to measure our bodies, it’s time to get to know our bodies. Knowing your body category is helpful when it comes to selecting a particular fit or style. Knowing can also help you determine which silhouette will help you look your best.  If you fit comfortably into more than one category take the characteristics that fit you best from each one and style accordingly.

Step 3. Pick your Top five – Take a trip to your local department store and as you try on clothes make a mental note of the top five fabrics that fit well and flatter your figure most. Also keep a running tally of those that are restricting and uncomfortable. As you compile your list keep those fabrics in mind for the next time you update your wardrobe.

Step 4. Increase your style IQ –To be good at anything you need to work at it. Visit a few stores and look for silhouettes, and styles you normally wouldn’t wear, this way, you can try on new things without the commitment and still broaden your fashion horizons. Incorporating more unique pieces into your wardrobe keeps your style fresh.

Now that you have these new tools in your toolkit you are officially fitted. Take your new found knowledge and go forth and conquer while looking your absolute best.

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