3 Tips On How To Get A Jump Start On Your 2017 Goals

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I love the beginning of the month, in my life this time sparks renewal. I look forward to new budgets, new goals, and redirecting my efforts if need be with a clean slate. Starting over is something that we typically dread for the most part, but starting over is usually prompted by a need for change –  changing our mindset, possibly changing our behavior, or even changing our style.

There is inspiration is change – we change our wardrobes because things don’t quite fit our bodies like they used to and we find a better fit, or because we are simply looking for a style that define us better, the same goes for our lives. Friends don’t fit like they used to, things don’t hold the same value they once did.

Albeit scary, and sometimes uncomfortable, there is something gratifying about starting over. There is something in that new beginning that’s motivating.

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Change is inevitable, but there are somethings we can do to make the transition easier:

  1. Be ok with change – redirection gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and situations.
  2. Don’t wait to pivot – If you need to do something different don’t wait, do it now. You have no time to lose.
  3. Spend some time contemplating on why the change is needed. Once you make peace with why you need to go in another direction, making hard decisions won’t be so uncomfortable. Furthermore, never spending time on what prompted the change in the first place only leaves you open to making the same mistakes again.

I hope these tips inspire you to make the change you need. Do you have any changes you need to make in the near future? If so, tell us below!



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