Size Details On Your Favorite Apparel Brands

Size can be can sensitive issue for women, but knowledge is power. When it comes to vanity sizing with big box retailers such as H&M, and Forever 21 their sizing can get interesting. Imagine if each time you went to these retailers it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. There is a method to these brands madness when it comes to standard vanity sizing and their size chart. As a rule we know some designers run “big” or “small”, some are curvy girl friendly and some are a thin girl’s dead zone.

At UnitedFront we make it easy for you. Under the description page of each item we give you details on each and every product. For example if you choose a dress size 8, we provide you with all the details for you to make a purchase you won’t regret, including the fit, length, and how the sizes run. For those retailers that don’t wouldn’t it be great if you were equipped with intel on the cut and fit of each brand before you took a trip down to the store or checked out of your shopping cart?

Check out the list below of common women’s apparel brands and details on how their sizes run.’s Description Page



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