Trends | African Print May Be Here To Stay

African print has burst onto the fashion scene with a vengeance. Although, it has always been around the bold expression of African heritage and craftsmanship has not always been easy to find, affordable, or be available in the vibrant prints and colors here in the States as it is now.

Now there are a ton of cutting edge .com’s dedicated to head wraps and the like, but is this beautiful cloth that we have fallen oh so in love with a fad waiting to leave us longing for it to roll around again like shoulder pads and track suits? Will it be one of the fashion trends we associate with some of the most fashionable times in our lives? Some say it’s here to stay and here’s why, in Nigeria, for example, 43.7 percent of the population is under 15-years-old. This is driving immense creativity and growth as the  regular lists of Africa’s emerging entrepreneurs signals.

All signs are pointing to yes for the longevity of the vivid fabric, market places are being created for African artisans to sale their goods globally with ease and large retailers are collaborating with Africa’s entrepreneurs to bring their brands to the masses. Furthermore, high end designers like Stella MacCartney have introduced the print into their collections with much success. It’s our sincere hope that the African print trends is here for good, its bold, unforgettable and gives a much needed jolt to the fashion world.


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