The Ultimate Skirt Guide

I’m guessing we’d all love to have a limitless wardrobe, but since that is at the very least a very farfetched pipe dream for most of us we gotta to do what we gotta do. No matter how limitless our fashion sense is, our coins certainly have boundaries, therefore we have to be creative when it comes to creating memorable fashion looks with our skirts. One way to do that is with unpredictable pieces and off the beaten path shapes and lines. But, how can I do that if don’t know what they are you ask? We’ve heard you loud and clear and have the simplest tool you could ask for!

One thing that is often taken for granted it the silhouette of our skirts. The shape of our garments are top of mind when it comes to creating contemporary dress looks, but for many of us our mental rolodex of skirt categories is limited to a midi skirts, miniskirts, maxi skirts, and oh denim skirts hold a category all their own.

To keep it simple here is a chart to help you out. I mean you have to give it to charts, we’ve learned all of our fundamentals from charts, ABC’s, 123’s, hell we even get our vision checked by an eye chart; why not use this simple tool to create the ultimate foundation for skirt style knowledge base.

Skirt Style Guide

The Ultimate Skirt Guide


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