Chocolate Wasted |​The Benefits of Chocolate

I love chocolate on so many levels, I mean who doesn’t? The velvety sweet taste is unforgettable, but today we are talking about the deep dark hue. Chocolate brown is rich and deep, but unlike black sometimes it isn’t our “go to” color. Brown is so easy to wear and tricky to pull off at the same time. Too much brown can come off as too muddy, wearing it with the wrong colors can be to retro, and the wrong color brown can be just blah. With that being said there are benefits to brown and we are going to tell you what they are.

Brown Lipstick – Brown lipstick can be so contemporary. Pair it with glowing moisturized skin, a beautiful matte eye, and a couple coats of mascara and it can bring real attention to your whole face, not just your lips.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color – This color is so right for Fall. On lighter skin the deep brunette color can be demure and alluring and on darker skin it can be vivacious and daring.

Brown Dresses – Brown, like black can be very slimming, don’t overlook this color this Fall. The right brown can complement your skin tone and a dark brown dress can hide your unflattering areas and be a great substitute for black.

Chocolate Cake – Ok, ok, this doesn’t really fit, but we would be re missed if we didn’t add it… I mean chocolate cake is brown right?  Like with anything, chocolate must be done in moderation this Fall or you’ll be cursing yourself it in the Spring. When you are stuffing your face throughout the holidays eating your heart out, don’t feel guilty. Just remind yourself that chocolate is known to reduce cholesterol, decrease memory loss and reduce heart disease so you are actually treating yourself and being healthy at the same time.

How often do you wear brown? Which shade do you wear? Start a conversation below, we’d love to chime in!


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