Tips To Travel Like a Minimalist This Holiday Season

Traveling during the holidays can be an annual routine for many of you. Although the adventure can be thrilling, the prep work i.e. packing can be a drag. Keep it simple this time and travel like a minimalist.

1. Makeup Bag – Don’t need it. Go for the fresh face this season. Ke1ep the same look and deepen the eye shadow or lipstick for a more dramatic look depending on where you are going.

  • . Leave the naked pallet for at home, you don’t need it. Layer and blend for a more dramatic effect.
  • Blush/Bronzer Duo. There are some great ones out there that are very travel friendly.

2. Chunky Boots – Chunky boots are easy to walk in, and sturdy enough to run for it if you are late for your plane. They also look super chic with a sexy sheath dress for a dinner date or denim for daytime.

3. Maxi Dresses – These dresses easily transition from day to night. The same comfortable dress that you take up a notch and wear to dinner, you can wear to the airport! A maxi dress also doubles as a blanket if there is a chill on the plane.

4. Reversible Sweater – Two looks in one. Need I say more?

5. Ziploc Bags – Take your clothing and roll them real tight, sit on them and zip. The gallon bags work best for this. This acts just like a vacuum seal bag, but these you can find in your kitchen.

6. Sturdy Carryon Bag – There is no need to tote a bunch of luggage. Find a bag with compartments like the Swiss back pack and place all of your accessories in the laptop section for convenience. Head right to your ride after you land and totally by pass baggage claim.

Are you chic or comfortable when you travel? With these tips you should have everything you need without all the bulk.



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