To Tailor or Not To Tailor?

Admittedly, tailoring wasn’t an option for me when it came to altering my wardrobe for a very long time. Many times we decide not to tailor because we either don’t know a tailor, or chalk it up to being too expensive. One of the great things about tailoring is that it can make a $50 dress look like a $500 ensemble.Tailoring can be used to add to the look of an item and make it worth the price tag, which for the most part is quite affordable. Today we are going to discuss what options we have when it comes to tailoring, who’s a great candidate and where to find a great tailor.

Options to considering when deciding that your garment needs a little boost:

  • Changing buttons
  • Adding contrasting panels
  • Extending the length
  • Cutting the length
  • Changing the silhouette

Who should consider tailoring?

  • Thrifters: So you found a priceless gem at your local thrift store, but it needs a little work. To make it a staple in your wardrobe tailoring is the way to go. Spending $20 on a nice dress and adding $50 – $75 worth of tailoring could really make the difference. This especially beneficial when you find a rare, vintage or hard to find garment.
  • If you are ultra slim, petite or tall: Being really tall or really short can be tough when it comes to purchasing clothing. In this case tailoring will be your best friend. You don’t have to drown in that blouse or invest in trousers socks because all of your slacks look like crop pants; tailoring will allow you to comfortably wear any garment.
  • Plus Size: Dress doesn’t quite fit? No problem. Certain body categories can really benefit from tailoring. Apple, Pear, and Triangle shapes are great candidates for alterations. If you are creative you can create one of a kind looks for yourself with a little creativity.

How to find a tailor: Tailors are not that hard to find, but if you haven’t come across one in your community try these tips below.

  • Local cleaners: If there is not a tailor on duty at your local cleaners someone there may be able to point you in the direction of one.
  • Google: Try looking for a local tailor in your area.
  • Men’s department store: Where there is a suit there is a tailor near buy
  • Fashion or design school: If you have a local fashion or design school in your area, local students may jump at the chance to work with you and it could be good practice for them. Make sure you take a look at their skills before you hand over your garment you to don’t want your vintage dress to be destroyed because this was there first time altering a garment.
  • Learn to tailor yourself: If you are tailoring more than just basic items it may be beneficial to grab a used sewing machine and take a crack at it yourself and save a few bucks.

Clothing is mass-produced, we’re not. It’s them not you. Don’t feel inadequate because off the rack or ready to wear clothing does not fit you ideally. Have you tailored an item before? If you have, how often to you do it? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of tailoring below we’d love to get your feedback.


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