Office Appropriate Halloween Looks

Wearing costumes on Halloween can be awesome… or awkward. Have you ever been that person who went all out for the goolish holiday at work, only to find you were the only one? Yeah, that can be uber embarrassing. The decision of whether to be festive at work can be a bit of a dilemma if you’re a big Halloween buff. There are ways to create great wearable costumes that are in the Halloween spirit, but allow flexibility if you need to get serious and go into the board room. See how we transform everyday dresses, into freakishly cool wearable Halloween costumes

The Witch: Happy Halloween my pretty!

The Sailor: Don’t forget your red lipstick.

The Fairy: Glitter is a must!

What are you going as this Halloween? Tag us in your Halloween looks @ShopUnitedFront, Chic or treat ladies!



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