Ok, you have a rack that most women would die for, but with that comes it’s challenges.

Ok, you have a rack that most women would die for, but with that comes its challenges. Once being a heavy “chested” girl myself, I understand your pain. Strapless bras often slip and become more trouble than they are worth. When you have a bra cup over a certain size it’s hard to go “braless”, I am going to show you how to go implied “braless” and keep those babies off of your knees. Check the deets below:

Once being a 34F I understand better than anyone that my triangle body category ladies need support.

Duct Tape is a fav of mine. Place cotton on the center of your breast and tape under and over. This technique will last all day. Queen Latifah often used this trick while wearing formal dresses before she had her breast reduction. How you get this off we will discuss in another post ;0)

Long Line Bra – Ok this is old school. When I was a girl I would see these in my mother’s drawer and always wonder what they were. They were not frilly enough to be lingerie, and way too big to be a bra. It wasn’t until I went to prom that I learned what they were for, who knew! Long line bras will give you major boob support and allow you to wear shoulder less and backless dresses. They even come in deep plunge if you need that as well.

So you are not as large as my DD+ girls, but you still need to have your girls sitting right.

Another alternative to duct tape and a long line bra is Clear Bra Straps to go with your strapless bra, or a Clear Back Bra. The clear straps will discreetly give you the support you need with your spaghetti strap dresses and if you have a low-cut back the clear back bra will hold your breasts and allow you to wear free back clothing. If you are not able to find your clear straps in matte, head to the craft store and purchase some spray mattifier and take away he shine.

Do you consider yourself to big to go braless? Do you avoid looks that require you to go without a bra? Let us know below.


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