How To Pull Off Wearing A Dress Over Pants

Very stylish people from Rita Ora to Michelle Obama have pulled off this trend quite successfully. Wearing a dress over pants or pants under a dress for that matter is not as hard as you think.

There are some key factors that must be adhered to before attempting this trend; If not, is can go from FABULOUS to FRUMPY real quick!

First things first. Complimentary fabrics are a must. You cannot put a chiffon dress over a wool pair of pants. Similar fabrics will make the look appear light weight and effortless.

Now that you have your fabrics down, the look must have a silhouette. You can’t just put on any old dress, a-line dresses or shift dresses are most flattering with this trend. Both looks create lines which are appealing to the eye and will flatter your figure. Empire waist dresses can work on rare occasions, but they have a tendency to come off a little to hippy-ish for my taste, but if you can make it work go for it!

Dress jumpers are also great for pulling off this look. A sleek pair of wide leg pants and a satin or silk like blouse with the proper jumper dress will give the retro look a modern flare.

Feel free to play with prints and belts with this look, keep it fun, but not too busy. This look in itself is a statement.

Have you ever tried layering your pants and dresses for the fall? How did you like it? Start a conversation with us on twitter we’d love to hear your opinion @ShopUnitedFront.


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