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A smart fashionista knows that versatility is a must when it comes to her wardrobe. It’s not about how much you have, it’s about what can you do with it.


Casual Style

Casual Style

Stylish people have the ability to rock a look multiple ways and give the impression they have a closet the size of the hoover damn. Today we are going to zero in on exactly how to do that. Being able to take a piece and dress it up or down not only will save you a nice coin, but, you will be able to change your look at a moment’s notice without having to go through a full costume change. Here’s how.

Learning what fabrics and accessories constitutes casual or night time wear will make a world of difference when it comes to deciding what items are worth purchasing and keeping in your arsenal.

Dress it down: A-Line Dress

Dress it up: Sheath Dress

Aline dresses have movement and are easy to wear during the day. There are ways to make your bodycon dresses or sheath dresses day time appropriate, but our go to choice for the adventures of the day would be something less form fitting.

Dress it down: Denim

Dress it up: Leather

This is an easy call, unless you are going for an edgier more rocker type of look, leave the leather and leather like pieces until after dark.

Dress it down: Knit Tights

Dress it up: Stockings

Knit anything screams comfortable and casual. Although tights can be worn with more dressier looks, the sheer delicate fabric of stockings give the feel of a more sophisticated affair.

Dress it down: Chunky Heels

Dress it up: Stilettos

The type of shoes you wear is an instant indication of the type of look you are going for, or what might be on your agenda for that day. To keep things simple, invest in a flat or chunky heeled shoe to tone things down and create an instant casual appearance.

Dress it Down: Watch

Dress it up: Bracelets

Watches are tools of practicality, trade your bangles in for a fossil to foster a look of pragmatic style.

Dress it down: Scarf

Dress it up: Necklace

Scarves can be used in many different ways, you can use it as a head wrap, tie it to you handbag, or of course tie it around your neck. Substituting your necklace for a printed scarf will add texture to your attire and complete your day time look.

How do you go about creating a wearable day time look, or do you just wear what you feel? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think.


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