If You Don’t Have These Fall Accessories Stay In The House

Broaches: Here is a Fashion PSA, IF you didn’t already know broaches are no longer for Grandmas and Great Aunts.

Fall is quickly approaching can you believe it? I love Autumn personally, not only because of the changing seasons for us in the Midwest, but with the breeze comes must have accessories that can only be worn in cooler temperatures.

There are simply just some Fall must haves… there’s no way around it. With all of the layers, and dark colors your style can get a bit lost, so we’ve found some subtle eye catching ways to stand out in crowd and keep your style confidence on point.

Here are four small details that make a huge difference when it comes to enhancing your Fall wardrobe no matter what you’re wearing.

Lace Booties: There are a lot of different kinds of boots and booties that you can rock for the fall, but it’s something about ones with laces that makes you go hmmmmmm. Lace booties say vintagy, if that’s a word and sophistication all at the same time; especially when worn with tea length dresses

Broaches: Broaches can be worn on any type of blouse, cardigan, or blazer. They also can be worn in different places such as the back, shoulder or wrist to be nontraditional. The best thing about broaches and elaborate breast pins is that they can be found in thrift stores for super cheap.

Slip Extenders: I know, I know, you thought slips were obsolete and stored in the fashion hall of fame. Contrary, to somewhat popular belief, slips are still very much needed and alive. And slip extenders are now cooler than ever. Not only do slip extenders allow you to wear your mini dresses a little longer, the extra layers add warmth and pizzazz and can be worn under any dress. They come in multiple lengths so you shouldn’t have any problems finding them to compliment all of your dresses.

Leather Gloves: Isn’t it something about when you see leather gloves you think of Casa Blanca? No? It’s just me…, oh well. Any who, yes, leather gloves are a must have! Your wardrobe isn’t doing anything if you don’t own a pair. You can rock these babies when it gets chilly with a wool blazer and a cool hat and be on your way! Leather gloves are just classy. There’s something about them that just makes you feel “grown” if you know what I mean. Must have colors for the Fall are navy blue, hunter green, cognac or burgundy. Although all of these colors may be on the expensive side, they are staples for the Autumn season.

What are your Autumn must haves and where did you find them?


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