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Every woman wants to look sleek and “in the know”. Although, being on trend is what many of us strive for, there is something to be said about timeless elegance. Contemporary modern looks are not only understated beauty and eye catching, they are also versatile. There are a few tricks to make any outfit look contemporary, check out the details below:

Stripes – Stripes in any form never go out of style. Vertical or horizontal, big or small when done right, they pack a big punch without saying much.

Black and White – This is a given. Black and white are the foundation of a contemporary wardrobe. The high contrast colors can be played up or down with vivid hues or cool neutrals. Black and white gives you essentially a blank canvas to play up accessories, handbags or shoes and not look over done.

Minimalistic Accessories – Clean lines are the back bone of any contemporary look. Statement jewelry has been all the rage in recent seasons, but the key to a chic look is keeping your accessories simple. Minimalistic does not mean invisible, whether gold, silver or a textured material your jewelry should add to the overall look not get lost in it.

Fabric – The material you choose plays an important role and pulling together a completely effortless-looking ensemble. Linens, wool, and leather are signature contemporary fabrics, but here are quite a few more. Fabrics that hold their shape are also worth noting here like taffeta. The fabric choice gives the appearance of regal and sophistication.

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